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Homeland Security Liquor Decanters are now for sale to the one hundred (100) highest bidders. Only one Hundred (100) of these very unusual items have been produced and the mold has been destroyed. The minimum bid per decanter is $87.00. The hat of the Homeland Security Director can be removed so that you can pour your whiskey or whatever. Nondrinkers could put purple cool aid in their decanters if they wish. Please note that Director Ridge is wearing his Texas Uniform and is seated on top of a whiskey barrel and this is clear from the frontal Photo. The backside photo shows him clearly positioned on top of the whickey barrel as well. The chaps have the horns of Texas cattle, which of course is very symbolical as it firmly demonstrates the Director's firm resolve.

Please send all order to the following address: Tom McSweeney, 1423 Spaight Street, Madison, WI 53703-3723. No phone calls please. Questions about this very unusual decanter can be answered by using this e-mail address listed on my website.

Thank you in advance for your interest and business. Please find enclosed the frontal and backside photos of The Decanter.