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From George W. Bush and gang:

It is my clear recollection, and the recollection of dozens of people that I have discussed this issue with, that the Bush administration publicly threatened the use of nuclear weapons during the invasion of Iraq if Rumsfeld (or whoever) concluded that weapons of mass destruction (WMD) were being used against Americans or so-called coalition forces. Mr. Bush recently lectured the world at the National Defense University about the use and misuse of nuclear weapons. Mr. Bush should be held accountable for his reckless threat to use nuclear weapons at the beginning of his elective war in Iraq. This of course highlights his lack of real military experience, and of course his use of nuclear weapons in response to WMD that apparently did not exist would have greatly threatened world peace and human health.

This week's nonsense item comes from Texas.

The web site link listed below displays some hardcore Texas Bush supporters. They don't have the money to become a "Bush League Ranger" ($100,000.00 a year or something in that range), but they share the Bush family's hygienic habits as well as the Bush family's patterns of social intercourse. In other words, he is one of them. These Texans beat out Rummy's secret trip to Iraq to visit one of the prisons there. Rummy told the press that "he is a survivor" and apparently we are supposed to know what that means. Rummy has never been in prison nor does he live in a trailer even though it would appear that both would probably be too good for him. The Bushites tell us that he is the best ever. Here is an example of Rummy at his best: He complained that the enlisted armed forces own digital cameras and that they then actually distribute the images.

Rummy, please.
The Soviet Union was desolved a number of years ago.