Not of This World




Muleboy is in a Seattle café drinking coffee. Seattle has been a mild disappointment to him as is every other aspect of his life. He seems to expect everything to be perfect all of the time. Good luck with that Muleboy.

Well, the time for a solution to this dilemma has arrived. Muleboy is looking south with his eyes fixed on the Not of the World Café of Roswell, New Mexico USA. It is here where Muleboy can start looking to the Other Side. Hopefully things will be better there. Of course things could also be significantly worse on the Other Side. Muleboy’s recent trip to Las Vegas taught him not to expect too much from life. The waiter in the Roswell café notices the blank look on his face and offers a kind smile.

Muleboy has ordered some coffee to go and plans a day in the desert. It is in the desert where he hopes to unravel the mysteries facing him for decades. He has little hope though. A flower catches his eye as does a butterfly. This is probably the best he can hope for as time passes by.

The End


Chapter Six


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