The Journey to Nowhere



Chapter One

Muleboy was born on a farm, but crops and farm animals seemed foreign to him. The primary problem was the amount of effort to grow and maintain these items on a constant basis, which is known as labor. Abraham Lincoln moved off the farm for the same reason. However, I knew Abraham Lincoln and Muleboy is no Abraham Lincoln. Anyway, this twisted story starts in a city known as Madison, Wisconsin because Muleboy moved off the farm in order to get away from the farm. He then bought a patent medicine wagon (pictured above) for the long and somewhat meaningless journey west. This is his story and his alone. Of course he went West alone. Who would accompany such a man East or West?

As Muleboy encouraged the mule to pull the wagon Westward he found that not all of the different kinds of people supported his journey. He met Republicans and Democrats on the way and many of them actually opposed his somewhat meaningless journey. This did not seem right or correct to Muleboy but he pushed on nonetheless. Muleboy is no Bill Clinton who apparently wants everyone to love him meaning Bill Clinton. No, Muleboy decided if necessary that he would go it alone. This is his story and the other people will simply have to step aside for this one. We are approaching Chapter One when Muleboy finds courage and comfort in an ale retain. He had no choice but to turn to the bottle and that will be fully explained.

The heavy drinking started in South Dakota. Some of the local people from the locality didn't like the patent medicine wagon one little bit. Many of these people looked like a group of local Republicans, but no one at the scene can be sure of this. All we know at this point is that things went bad and this was especially true for Muleboy. Muleboy took the wagon to the local Applebee's and started drinking real heavy and we are talking real heavy. He then went to the Super 8 there in Spearfish, South Dakota and spent the night. Tomorrow would be another day as they say. All of this will be detailed in the coming chapters. Chapter Two is next.


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