Maturation Process Goes Bad



Chapter Two

Muleboy was never really a boy. He was born an adult. No one cared though so he simply moved on with his life as is. Muleboy grew and grew and so did his portfolio or whatever. He made money so who cares what you call it. Anyway, once he made his millions then he began drinking alcohol at an alarming rate. This of course does not make it right whatever that might mean. Anyway again, Muleboy does not really care. So there.

What is the bloody point of all this? Well, Muleboy has decided to change the world in his own likeness and image despite his strong personal belief that image is nothing. The photo image above is a water wagon (waterwagon?) and Muleboy just fell off it recently while out trying to change the world. He just does not seem to care that much.

Muleboy was actually raised or socialized in a family. The head of household was known as the Great Donaldmeister who was actually Irish rather than German. The Great Donaldmeister was the author of fifty (50) very famous Sayings and these Sayings will be displayed as Chapter Three of this Mule book. These Sayings will help you guide your life during this difficult period in our nation’s history. They will make a difference in your life that Muleboy himself could never provide you.

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Chapter Three


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