The Donaldmeister Speaks



Chapter Three

Sayings from the Great Donaldmeister

1) "It all comes down to management";

2) "They are ignorant people";

3) "Their heads are all locked up";

4) "That Fat One (Rosie O’Donnell) isn’t funny";

5) "They are losing their heritage";

6) "They are going to pay a terrible price";

7) "They are too cute and too coy for their own good";

8) "Who are the most ignorant people in the world?
      The Americans that is who.";

9) "They are all for themselves and they are no good":

10) "I don’t have any time for the University of Iowa";

11) "They are just as happy as if they had good sense";

12) "Rock and roll is a dirty rotten manure pile";

13) "It is a form of insanity";

14) "Live the low life; live in the shadow";

15) "Avoid all authority and responsibility";

16) "The "Open Bible" Protestants are trying to say
        that the Catholic Bible is closed";

17) "You can only push it so far";

18) "They can’t follow simple instructions";

19) "It is the mouth that gets you in trouble";

20) "It is a delusion and a snare";

21) "They are unfortunate people";

22) "I want your undivided attention";

23) "You can only sleep in one bed and drive one car
        at any given time";

24) "They don’t know how to live";

25) "We will be traveling to the Hell and Gone country";

26) "When you have your health you have just about everything";

27) "If you go looking for trouble you are probably going to find it";

28) "He can’t learn anything";

29) "He is not my relative so I don’t care anything about him";

30) "Pity the man who believes in Communism
        for Communism does not believe in him";

31) "They just don’t quite have it";

32) "They are more to be pitied than censured";

33) "They have never been anywhere or done anything";

34) "What is going on in that disease ridden mind of yours?";

35) "When the gravy train goes through town
        you have to dip the ladle deep";

36) "Give some people a little power
        and they turn into little Hitlers";

37) "They are just as happy as if they had good sense";

38) "They don’t know how to run their business";

39) "They don’t teach anything in school";

40) "It is the most diabolical thing I have ever seen";

41) "People aren’t what they ought to be";

42) "They pound sand in rat holes and chase rabbits up trees";

43) "At the end of your life you realize that
        the only friend you had was your mother";

44) "To learn the shortest point between A and B just ask a fat one";

45) "I have never heard of such a thing";

46) "They can’t live on it";

47) "To know her is to hate her";

48) "You kids have been to more places in one year
        than my mother went to in her lifetime";

49) "There are homos out there you know";

50) "I don’t mean no; I mean hell no".

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