Bad Men Madden Muleboy



Chapter Four

In Chapter Four Muleboy will be fighting his way through the mountains of Montana even though men on horseback will try to stop him. The Demos from Washington tried to stop Muleboy without success. The Montana Minutemen will fail as well.

The reason for the failure to these diverse groups of people of hate is because Muleboy went to the mat as a child with his relatives known in China as relations. Muleboy’s Heartland relatives actually feed grass to pigs so Muleboy had an advantage from Day One.

We need to talk more about Washington, D.C. Just because they were unable to stop Muleboy doesn’t mean that they again can’t permanently damage the country to the point that Barney Frank will return to Boston to be the City Rat Commissioner. David Obey is part of the solution though rather than part of the budget problem. Nancy tried to take Obey’s chairperson powers away but David told her he knows the name of the surgeon who did the failed facelifts. David then said "pay as we go." Nancy then said that Harry was on the line.

Obama allowed people from an unauthorized sect to come into the presence of a man from India who has nuclear weapons. Private consultants worried while Rahm had his picture taken with the sect. Muleboy will not allow his tender disposition to be maddened by these people of low quality.

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