Donald Conquers Outer Space



Chapter Five

Donald wanted more than the rest of us during the course of his long life. Yet the moments passed and resistance grew. This would have troubled a mere mortal. Donald asked his children to help. The children were very much different than Donald. The oldest child refused to respond in any manner. The middle one who has grown to be your hero was too stupid to remain quiet. At the end of the day absolutely nothing had been accomplished.

Donald then bought a Ford Escort. The children of course thought this would not impact the orderly transition to an era of total freedom after the imposition of the Iowa version of marital law. Most people either hate Iowa or more likely don’t care at all. Iowa is 50th in the Union for the raising of mules. This is just as well because a Chinese man recently asked me if mules give milk like cows. No.

I have been avoiding Outer Space because the plan on earth has been going so poorly. This is not to say that success will not come eventually. Donald never gives up on any project and so he will see this through. The road ahead though is foggy at best. The Demos and Repubs are spending the country into total helplessness so where will the money come from to fund the Outer Limits and beyond?


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