Muleboy and the Yukon



Chapter Seven

Muleboy has cut North. Remarkably he has decided to go to the Yukon Territory after leaving Butte, Montana. It is remarkable because the fool is attempting to travel to Seattle. He won´t be finding any rose gardens in the Yukon. However, he was once a page for Senator Grassley from Iowa so he is more accustomed to crops than flowers.

Tomorrow is the last primary election day of the season. Muleboy has sold his soul to the Tea Party in order to raise the money for the trip north. Muleboy always carries a copy of Faust on top of his mule though just in case the Tea Party is the real deal and he has to answer for this nonsense at some point in the future.

Muleboy has no particular plans once he gets to the Yukon. Once again though his experience with the U.S. Congress has taught him not to expect too much out of life. Dawson City will be the first stop and then on to Whitehorse for a taste of Canadian brew. A beer or two at this point will enable him to make plans for the next leg of the trip. It seems likely at this juncture that will be Victoria, British Columbia forcing the mule on to some kind of raft or perhaps a commercial vessel of some kind. From Victoria it will across the water again to Seattle thereby completing the Journey to Nowhere.


Chapter Six



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