Muleboy Goes West




Muleboy is on a journey to find myself. South Dakota is the place of origin as Muleboy works his way around the West to the ultimate destination where he hopes to find meaning in a life devoid of meaning to date. He will end his journey in Chinatown in Seattle USA. It is in Seattle Chinatown alone that he feels that the hidden meaning he seeks so badly will finally be found. The chapters described below are a road map that will aid you as you attempt, perhaps without success to follow this desperate attempt to find focus in a life that started so slowly and went down hill from there. But you see that Muleboy won’t give up. No because he has a son named MuleBoy that he has promised to help on his way and give Muleboy some money, at least once in a while. Let us start the journey. The destination is what counts in this sorry story rather than the journey though so don’t get your hopes up.

Chapter One: The Journey to Nowhere

Chapter Two: Maturation Process Goes Bad

Chapter Three: The Donaldmeister Speaks

Chapter Four: Bad Men Madden Muleboy

Chapter Five: Donald Conquers Outer Space

Chapter Six: Don’t Slap the Mule

Chapter Seven: Yukon Territory

Conclusion: Not of This World


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